Problems We Solve: Import Alerts and Delays

The delay of one shipment or one hundred shipments can cause business consequences. We coordinate with FDA, Customs and Border Protection, and third parties (as necessary) to efficiently lift import holds and to avoid future holds. Through creating an individualized approach, we work together with our clients to focus on smoothly and efficiently importing their products.

Representative Experiences:

Seafood Processor: Managed over a dozen shipments and obtained a green list exemption from Import Alert 16-35 (shrimp from India).

Seafood Processor:  Limited the charges caused by an Import Alert, thereby saving the firm testing costs.

Food Manufacturer: Managed over 60 shipments and obtained removal from Import Alert 99-08 (unlawful pesticide residues in processed foods).

Cosmetic Manufacturer: Negotiated with FDA a prioritized import inspection program and then removal from Import Alert 66-41 (products appearing to be unapproved new drugs).

Spice Manufacturer: Persuaded FDA that an import alert did not apply and thereby avoided automatic detention for dozens of shipments.

Glove Manufacturer: Managed over 100 shipments and obtained removal from Import Alert 80-04 (medical gloves below standard).