Problems We Solve: Customs Enforcement

U.S. Customs and Border Protection holds not only create a supply chain problem for firms, but also money problems for importers, as they have to pay for the privilege of a Customs examination. We help firms to navigate through Customs holds and inspections (such as agricultural inspections or Vehicle And Cargo Inspection System or “VACIS” inspections) to minimize the delays.

A failure to comply with Customs’ requirements is also a costly venture for importers, as Customs has several administrative procedures to enforce its requirements. We help firms manage Customs seizure actions and liquidated damages claims. Through creating an individualized approach, we work together with our clients to focus on smoothly and efficiently importing their products.

Representative Experiences:

Seafood Processor: Obtained mitigation of liquidated damages for refused entries in excess of $25,000.

Seafood Processor:  obtained mitigation of liquidated damages for more than a dozen refused entries.

Food Importer: Discovered an import declaration discrepancy, which caused Customs to subject numerous consecutive food shipments to VACIS exams. After resolving the discrepancy, Customs did not subject later shipments to VACIS exams.