Problems We Solve: Better Access to the US Market

As a food, drug, medical device, alcohol, or tobacco industry member, you want to maximize your market share in the United States.  It can be difficult to determine how best to structure your business, or what makes an efficient compliance system – these issues may be holding your company back from reaching its full potential in the U.S. market.  We work with each client to determine their individual business needs and goals.  We can help you establish U.S. subsidiaries, so you can serve as your own importer, maintaining greater control over your supply chain and allowing for better communication with FDA, USDA, CBP, and other government agencies.  We also regularly work with our clients to maximize their regulatory compliance capabilities through creating or updating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), or providing counsel on labeling and other regulatory issues.  We work with you through the details, to create a strong foundation for selling your product well.