Practice Areas: Protecting Intellectual Property Rights

Benjamin L. England & Associates helps companies protect their intellectual property rights using a variety of tools. We provide clients with infringement opinions to understand how their intellectual property may be infringed upon or possibly infringing another’s rights. Also, we serve our clients by engaging in litigation to protect their intellectual property, or defend against a lawsuit. Our attorneys are registered to practice in front of the Patent and Trademark Office. Furthermore, we help our clients by seeking to invalidate patents through the reexamination process with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Central Reexamination Unit (CRU).

Sometimes licensing a patent is the most economical approach to patent infringement concerns. Our team considers the impact on your business and helps you determine a financially sound course of action.

Companies have important interests beyond their patents, and we help them protect against false labeling, unfair competition (such as Lanham Act claims), and trade secret misappropriation.

  • Freedom To Operate opinions
  • Claims infringement charts
  • Validity searches for prior art
  • Designing around opinions
  • Protect commercially valuable embodiments
  • Re-examination and post-grant reviews (under America Invents Act, the AIA)
  • Oppositions and cancellations of marks
  • Licensing in, licensing out, and cross-licensing