Practice Areas: Intellectual Property

Benjamin L. England & Associates advises and represents research organizations, manufacturers, distributors, and other companies with identifying and protecting their intellectual property. We help our clients understand the complexities and value of intellectual property, in the US and abroad, and the importance of protecting their rights and commercial interests by providing efficient, cost-effective solutions. Our legal staff includes registered patent attorneys and experienced patent infringement litigators.

We help companies with:

Identifying Intellectual Property Rights

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights

Our services include:



  • U. S. and foreign patentability
  • Infringements on the claims of an existing patent
  • Validity of an existing patent Freedom to operate (non-infringement)
  • State-of-the-art for recent technical advances
  • White space or exploratory IP searches


  • Prepare and file patent applications
    • Non-provisional applications
    • Provisional patent applications
  • Continuation, division, and continuation-in-part (CIP) applications
  • Treaty applications, such as PCT applications (international protection for inventions)
  • Direct non-U.S. (foreign) patent applications
  • Reissue of a patent
  • Trade secret program development and monitoring
  • Appeals before the Patent Office


  • Post Grant Practice – reviews and re-examination of issued patents
  • Patent litigation to determine the validity and infringement of a patent in the courts

Trademarks and Copyrights

  • Evaluation of proposed trademarks and service marks, including a clearance search and opinion
  • Trademark registration Copyright registration
  • Trademark Opposition and cancellation proceedings

Intellectual property portfolio management and protection strategy

Intellectual property program strategy formulation, including acquisition, licensing, sale, and technology transfer

We serve all FDA-regulated industries and have extensive experience in many areas, including:

  • Medical devices
  • Electronics
  • Dietary supplements
  • Biotech