People We Serve: Service Providers

Laboratories, customs brokers, and other import service providers often encounter clients with questions about FDA or other regulatory bodies – sometimes complex questions or problems that could lead to greater risk or even liability for service providers. We can help keep your client satisfied and on the right track.

  • Advise on how you can help your clients smoothly import product into the U.S.
  • Support all aspects of the supply chain, including customs brokers and freight forwarders
  • Coordinate all parties and documents involved to expedite the process
  • Minimize your cost of doing business
  • Manage customer regulatory risks and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) interactions on your behalf
  • Manage FDA import holds, detentions, import delays, refusals, and import alerts to minimize interference with business operations
  • Provide import counsel regarding declarations for Other Government Organizations (OGA) and Prior Notice filings
  • Take care of USDA permitting obligations
  • As entry reviews get more complicated your staff may feel less prepared to deal with them. Our team can step in and help you to keep your client happy and products moving.
  • Counsel you on the increased regulatory standards imposed by FDA
  • Serve as a resource to you and your clients.
  • Provide training to company personnel so they better understand how the government interfaces with imported products
  • Develop a team relationship when we have mutual clients
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