People We Serve: Executive-Level Decision-Makers

Leading organizations in the global supply chain look to us for business advice on overcoming regulatory challenges and legal issues. Supplement your strategic decision-making with counsel on creating advantageous business formations, safeguarding intellectual property rights, improving business processes, and minimizing government interactions.

  • Determine ways to strengthen regulatory compliance program to improve efficiencies and decrease risk of problems
  • Manage FDA import holds, detentions, and import alerts to minimize interference with business operations
  • Design transaction structures to maximize business value while minimizing risks
  • Provide training to company managers, operations, regulatory affairs, and import and traffic personnel so they better understand how the government interfaces with imported products
  • Protect commercial interests of the company
  • Identify and secure intellectual property rights
  • Improve, manage or streamline supply chains
  • Expand access to the U.S. market
  • Establish U.S. subsidiaries
  • Anticipate changes to the legal or regulatory environment